Katwise inspired needle-felted black grey upcycled sweater arm warmers-1304

Katwise inspired needle-felted black grey upcycled sweater arm warmers-1304

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Needle-felted upcycled merino wool/cashmere arm warmers with thumb holes. Some of these have fleece for added softness and visual flare. The machine-needle-felting process makes these twice as thick and super warm. It also takes a lot longer to make these than other Katwise-style arm-warmers you may have seen, which is why they cost what they do (that plus cashmere is just a more expensive material and double-thickness is double-materials-cost). One size fits most and they are thick enough not to "droop" on you but still buttery soft and luxuriously comfortable. Sized generally for smaller adult bone structure but not intending to exclude anyone. I just want them to fit. They are impossible to perfectly measure, but I've done my best to give you some rough measurements to help out. 💖

Pair these up with a matching hat or hood and/or set of leg warmers and be a warm magical woodland elf. I don't always have a perfectly coordinated full set (hat, arm-warmers, leg-warmers) but it's worth a look.😁  When a full coat is over the top, you can still put together a super cute ensemble.

Rough Arm-Warmer Measurements:


~8.75 inches

Circumference at elbow end:

~9 inches

Note: these generally have some stretch