Hectic holidays from h3ll? Hang in there.

I have been swamped trying to crank out new creations and add website functionality, get through the holidays, plus working on some custom projects for some customers for the holidays...

Then I see a tweet from a complete stranger about how her son's girlfriend got a call that the girlfriend's sister ended her own life, due to being banished by her family for being gay. I know, this is my website designed to showcase and sell my art. But hang on a minute here. This matters. 

The holidays are often a time when people already in distress feel that even more acutely. I care. I don't sew for the money. I do it for the LOVE (I gave up a much higher paying corporate career to do this), and this is just part of that love. 

So here it is, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

And if you're a veteran, we've got that covered too and there's a confidential chat.

Maybe you're not in crisis. If you're here looking at my art, I'm thinking things haven't hit crisis level for you (really I hope not!). But someone you know might be having a much harder time than you know. So if I can get you to program that 1-800 number into your phone, that would be AWESOME. Someone in your life might need it some day. I don't want you to get that awful call that the woman's son's girlfriend did.. Whether it's knowing physical CPR, or emotional CPR for someone in distress, you might save someone's life.

And you - thanks for reading this. The Latest Kate
Shout out to The Latest Kate for this beautiful art, which you can see more of here: https://thelatestkate.tumblr.com/

Glad you're here.


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