Interesting Tidbits

  • The making of a BETTER coat...

    For both coat-shoppers AND idea-shoppers, this is the post-of-posts. If you read none other, read this one.
  • Zippers... and TACOS! 😜🌮

    How I break ALL the norms of sewing to add zippers to my newest coats in a super cool way.
  • International shipping

    Shipping info and examples for international customers.
  • I'm going to get in BIG trouble for this, but... 💖

    Model appreciation day
  • All about SERGERS!!

    Ok, so I've had some fellow sewists ask about about sergers, and this is the blog post that was promised. I don't know how well I can embellish wit...
  • Yes, but will the thing FIT me?

    I've had people ask me some questions about FIT lately, so lets take a look at that in regards to my coats... It sounds crazy that someone with a 3...
  • Every evil plan needs SUPPLIES

    I’ve had folks reach out to me for intel on supplies and although I do not have an amazing state secret to share about how I procure all my sweater...
  • Felting... what the heck is this evil magic?

    A bit about Mr. Stabby and Sir Lances-a-Lot and the process of machine needle-felting to create new fabric.
  • Body positivity matters

    Yesterday was my little girl's birthday and I've comforted her as she cried when some of her own family body-shamed her, and today I had someone in...
  • Hectic holidays from h3ll? Hang in there.

    Been swamped trying to crank out new creations and add website functionality, get through the holidays, plus working on some custom projects for so...
  • Clothing DOES make a difference

    Clothing given to bullied student makes a difference.
  • I always hated the word "blog"

    Some interesting statistical snippets about the fashion industry.