Collection: Gothic goodies

Gothic goodies for your inner Morticia. 🖤

Extra, extra bonus points if you are an inner goth like me. Where'd ya think the name Persephone came from? 😏 Oh yes, lovely Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring and green things, is also the wife of Hades, ☠ lord of the Underworld ☠ and thus is the world's FIRST "goth chick". 😉

Black is awesome. It goes with just about everything. I'm finishing up a lot of prior requests but expect a massive resurgence here SOON! (I WAS aiming for October 2023 but got sick so I'm a bit behind but hey, Halloween should be ALL YEAR, amirite??). And if I lack anything in current gothic treasures up for grabs, I make up for it on Pinterest. See, I want you to have everything your black gothic heart desires, even if it's attained elsewhere.🥰 🖤 I promise I am sewing as fast as I can though! Watch this space... 

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