Collection: Non-felted goodies

A lot of folks love my items but can't afford them. I can't afford to work for less than minimum wage and my best items just take a lot of time to make, and I use more expensive (and much better-quality) materials, so here's my compromise for you.πŸ’– Items in here are NON-felted so will generally cost less than my felted items. You likely won't see sequins in here (non-felted wool/cashmere is not sturdy enough to hold the embroidery which is the base I use for the sequins) but I've still got some cute stuff here.

Note: When I use the term "felted" or "non-felted", I'm not talking about washing things in hot water and just throwing them in the dryer. Oh noooo.... I machine-needle-felt them, that's why it's so time-consuming (and again, produces far superior results). More about felting here.

As I explain in my WTFact section, I don't want artisans to all be pitted against each other in some sad race to the bottom,  but if you're comparing prices of my items to other Katwise-inspired makers, items here are a more appropriate comparison as my felted items compared to other folks non-felted items is really apples to oranges. Here are some apples for your apples instead! 😁🍏

I will try to keep this section with some goodies in it most of the time, but bear with me if it empties out. πŸ’–

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