Colorado Local Events

My events are normally in fall/winter, as despite the fact that my sewing slapdashery would totally fit in well at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, my felted wool/cashmere items are still best suited for cooler days. I will eventually get to making some non-sweater items, and other light-weight goodies, I am just not there yet. Bear with me.. 

Craft fairs are also a smorgas-board of different application dates; some get started earlier than others and some are organized really close to the last minute. It's also common practice that you have to re-apply every year. If I've been accepted and CONFIRMED my booth space, the event will show up in my public Google Calendar. If you are super slick and have gmail, you can click on the event and select "add to my calendar" so you don't forget and miss out. 😎 The event names on this page are all clickable links that will open up a new window/tab so you can look up the most up-to-date published info from the event organizer... as well as check out what other vendors will be there!  😁

Local Events in 2023:

Event When: Where: Notes:
Commonwheel Artists Labor Day Art Festival September 2-4, 2023 ✅ 502 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs In Memorial Park, Manitou Springs - CONFIRMED!!😁 🥳
Front Range Maker's Market October 28-29, 2023 ✅ 1300 Higby Rd, Monument Inside Lewis Palmer High School - CONFIRMED!!😁 🥳
Cheyenne Mountain High School Craft Fair December 2, 2023* ✅ 1200 Cresta Rd, Colorado Springs Inside Cheyenne Mountain High School - CONFIRMED!!😁 🥳

 *Sometimes the CMHS craft fair and the Colorado Farm and Art Market CFAM Winter Wonderland have fallen on the same first Saturday in December- that's what's been happening lately, so I'm at the CMHS fair. If I can ever persuade CFAM to do their event on the second Saturday in December in the future, I would very much love to be a part of that event again! 

There are some really cool festivals in Denver I'd love to eventually be a part of, but I really need a Magic Dragon Craft-Wagon to move things around more efficiently😭, so for now, I'm mostly limited to El Paso County. 

Some day, I will recreate the original "Magic Dragon Wagon" that my family owned back in the 90's. This is the only thing that could ever hold a candle to one of Katwise's psychedelic converted buses. Some day....🙏 And a shout out to the art students at Colorado College for painting this AMAZING dragon, that goes all the way around the bus. 👇😍

Craft fairs are a lot of work.. from deciding which treasures to bring, packing up the treasures, loading up all the stuff, getting to the event location, setting up all the goodies.. it's all worth it though. Here I am at the Colorado Farm and Art Market's season finale, and because we brought an outdoor carpet, my booth looks like a portal to another dimension. (And in a way, it is!🤩) 

Bonus points if you are able to make out my infamous "severed head" display..


Ah, Google..

(If you are on mobile,  I'm aware the calendar is persnickety and doesn't behave for my mobile users.. I have yet to untangle that, it's on my long list of things to fix)

NOTE: I also use this calendar to list closures/delays, etc... for example, I am having surgery in December, so I will most likely not be able to ship out items for several days after December 11th. If you find yourself holiday shopping, please be aware. 🙏


💀The Ghost of Events Past... 💀


2022 events were massively scaled back, due to being away waging war on the Castle of Academia ..

Event When: Where: Notes:
Cheyenne Mountain High School Craft Fair December 3, 2022 1200 Cresta Rd, Colorado Springs Inside Cheyenne Mountain High School
 (I normally appear at the CFAM Winter Wonderland, but it also fell on December 3, 2022 and I could not do both events...😥) 


Colorado Farm and Art Market
Saturday, October 16th, 2021 - 9 am - 1 pm
Location: 7350 Pine Creek Road, Colorado Springs, CO



Front Range Maker's Market (2-day)
Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 9am-4pm

Sunday, October 24, 2021 -10am-3pm
Location: 1300 Higby Road, Monument, Colorado (Inside Lewis-Palmer High School)


Cheyenne Mountain High School Craft Fair
Saturday, December 4, 2021 - 9am-4pm
Location: 1200 Cresta Road, Colorado Springs, CO (inside Cheyenne Mtn High School)



Colorado Farm and Art Market Winter Wonderland 2021
Saturday, December 11, 2021
Location: 7350 Pine Creek Road, Colorado Springs, CO