Collection: Fall theme

Everything fall, autumn and harvest oriented. Earthtones will show up here as well. Reds, deep yellows, browns... Spoiler alert - the "fall leaves" printed fleece (I had it in two different patterns) isn't available to me anymore so if you see goodies made with it, once those are sold out that's it, there will be no more. 🍁🍂

And Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday too 🎃🖤!..... but gothic goodies get a category all their own. That's over here. 😉

I usually make new goodies available in batches, which are announced on Facebook and Instagram so if you follow me on either of those platforms, you'll be first to know when new treasures come up for grabs. 😎 I rely exclusively on word-of-mouth and if you're one of my followers thanks so much for the social media love! Your likes/follows/shares/interactions mean the world to me. 🥰