All About Shipping and Taxes


  • Coats are sent strictly USPS for folks in the USA.
    • Shipping includes the vacuum bag, insurance, and the sturdy box they are sent in. The coats typically weigh 5-6 pounds. 
      • I bear the cost of the insurance.
    • I don't use UPS
      • I live within walking distance of my local USPS office so they are easier for me to get to.
      • UPS delivered a box of my supplies to a dental office in another city, another zip code, on another street. No idea how they managed such a colossal mess-up. 
    • I will never overcharge you for shipping. The cost of the box and vacuum bag is around $3.00 USD, and typically I end up bearing a decent chunk of the cost in exchange for not using UPS (which I acknowledge does often have lower rates for packages). 
    • Shipping costs for other items are calculated by weight and vary by location.
    • I am based in Colorado, USA and items ship from zip code 80905.
    • I generally ship within 3 business days at the latest. I try really really hard to ship the same or next day if I can - notwithstanding weather conditions. 
    • I will never over-charge you for shipping. If the actual cost of packing materials and postage ends up being less, you can always expect a refund for the overage. 
    • Colorado buyers purchasing over the internet will pay sales tax rates based on YOUR location. You can look up your tax rate using the State of Colorado's tax lookup tool. This is due to the new "destination sourcing rule" that came into effect in October 2022 (more on that HERE.)
    • Local pickup IS available - just not automatically. Buyers within driving distance of the city of Colorado Springs can email me and request to pick up their item and receive a refund of shipping costs upon pickup. (As just mentioned above, taxes will still be based on your location.)
    • If you live in the USA but OUTSIDE of Colorado, your purchase is generally not taxed.
    • If you are outside the USA.... read more about international shipping HERE

    Issues with delivery:

    • If an item is returned back to me due to my error, I'll cover the costs to get it sent back out to you.
    • If an item is returned to me due to customer error (i.e. customer entered wrong address) and/or if I am not at fault, I will need to charge you to have the item re-sent to you. If you do not want to pay to have the item re-sent, your order will be processed as a refund and my return policy will apply (which includes a restocking fee).
    • Theft is NOT covered under insurance. I will typically send high-value items as signature required in order to try to prevent theft.


    • Big items like the coats generally weigh ~4-7 pounds on average
    • The shipping cost on the coats usually runs around $10 - $20 for people in the USA
    • Coats are packed in vacuum-sealed bags and mailed inside a box for added protection.
    • I buy extra insurance for all purchases over $100.00 and typically absorb the cost of the insurance, which runs about $5.00 on the coats.
    • Unless we have a prior arrangement, coats are typically going to be sent with signature confirmation to help ensure they reach their rightful new owner.

    For people living outside the USA, it's a bit more complicated because customs/taxes/duties may be due. International orders will be shipped via DHL. For some countries, I can have those collected so your item(s) can be delivered directly to you - it depends on which country you live in. I have an update about that HERE

    LONG-WINDED VERSION (with humor and further explanations):
    I can't show the exact shipping cost without adding items to your cart. This might be frustrating but it is a limitation we must work around as my site doesn't automatically know exactly where you are, which is one of the major factors in determining shipping costs. 

    I live within 1500 feet of my local post office so I don't expressly offer same-day shipping but that's often what happens, depending on when you buy. I'll ship all items within 3 business days maximum but same day or next day is the norm. I can ship via Fedex or UPS, but I'm quicker when you use USPS for domestic US mail. If Fedex or UPS offers a better rate to get you your treasures though - I'll go that route. Shopify, my e-commerce provider, doesn't allow me to show you Fedex rates unless I go to a more expensive plan so if Fedex is your favorite, I'm so sorry. If they do end up being a lot cheaper, I'll often reach out to you if I found a great lower rate with them that saves on the shipping. I really do look out for you. 💖

    USPS Priority mail covers everything under $100.00, so items valued over $100.00 are sent with extra insurance to protect everyone. I pay for the insurance. Softer items like garments aren't really fragile... but the peace of mind is still worth it in case the USPS has a bad day, and everything gets a tracking number. The coats/hoodies and larger fluffier items are sent in a vacuum-sealed bag for extra protection against spills and such in transit. Please do re-use the bag! 😁 If something does happen in transit and your item is damaged, please send me clear photos right away so we can mourn together and so I can figure out how to remedy the situation for you, as well as file a claim with the carrier on my end. 

    I ship everything in the most BORING packaging ever so as not to attract unwanted attention from porch pirates. Bright sparkling packaging is about THE dumbest idea ever... unless you are Mark Rober designing glitter-bomb baited parcels. Have you seen the glitter-bomb bait parcels?? You're welcome.

    (If the embedded version doesn't play or isn't visible, it's this video):

    Seriously, as much as I adore Mark Rober I am not him, and I cannot cover parcels delivered and stolen off your doorstep. Please track your item on its way to you and please fetch it right away when it's delivered. If you are going to be away, or if your area has a lot of recent mail theft, reach out to me and let's figure out a plan.

    For coats: Please be prepared for me to send your coat with a signature required at delivery to claim it. I know it's a bit of a hassle to have to show an ID and claim your new treasure at your local post office, but on a purchase of this amount, it's just worth it.  

    And if you're not on a first-name basis with your postal carrier, make a new friend! 😁 In the USA, your local postal carrier's little handheld scanner has a GPS enabled, so USPS also has a record of where it was delivered. I have had a 100% success rate with my own parcels simply due to the fact that my postman knows me by name, and the times when temporary staffers have covered my route and misdelivered to the wrong house, I have literally chased down the mail truck (smiling and friendly, of course) one street over and they've recovered it for me. I can't speak for mail systems outside the USA, but knowing and befriending the local postal carrier has always worked for me. Highly recommend. 

    If you are local to me and want to pick up your item, this is done by appointment only, and I'll refund you the shipping charges upon pickup. That way if we can't meet up within about 10 days, I'm not perpetually holding your item and can just send it out. If you're not within driving distance of zip code 80905 though, this is not for you. I don't offer this option at checkout because it's too easy to select in error, and no fun to have to bug folks for the shipping cost. USPS, UPS and Fedex are still perfectly good options, and I often include personal letters of appreciation with my parcels. 💖

    Also Colorado buyers: Colorado has changed to a destination sourcing system which means that the sales tax you'll pay is based on where you live. You can find out what sales tax you'll end up paying by using the Colorado Tax Lookup Tool.  Honestly, I loathe this system but it is what it is, and I must comply. If you live in Denver, you pay Denver's tax rate. If you live in Grand Junction, you pay Grand Junction's tax rate. The only exception to this is when you buy from me in person, either at my studio or at a local craft fair. If you buy on the internet, your home address determines the tax rate. 

    USA buyers outside Colorado: Lucky you, sales to other states are generally not taxable. 

    International buyers: I am not a large enough business to collect import duties for you, so remember that you may need to pay customs/import duties to get your item. More on that HERE

    My internet minions calculate shipping and tax rates but feel free to contact me if something seems off. I'm not here to make money on shipping - just my art.