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My patchwork embroidered denim skirts. I've seen spiral patchwork skirts elsewhere, but so far mine are the only ones I've been seeing that use colored denim. I don't dye the denim myself - these are colored denim pants I get from the local thrift stores which I then mix and put together to make these skirts. Each one is unique and they are very labor intensive due to the embroidery and sequins and that's why they cost what they do. Each skirt takes 5-6 pairs of pants, depending on what sizes I can get (I make a bee-line for the larger size section) so the materials alone on these typically cost me about $60.00 roughly. However, this way pants with worn crotches are recycled and don't end up in the landfill, which is AWESOME. It takes about 1,800 gallons of water to grow the cotton fiber to make just ONE pair of jeans. See why I'm so enthusiastic about keeping denim out of the landfills? I have some bags and wall-hangings I'm making out of the scraps-of-the-scraps, and those will be up here soon. The waistbands I make into bracelets, so check those out if you're here. I use almost ALL the material when I cut up old jeans (except of course, the worn-out crotch... that's like the one part I don't use). 

I've thought about making a floor-length version of these, but I'm not quite there yet. Plus, a floor-length denim skirt is going to be *really* heavy, so if I go that route, thinner and lighter denim is definitely in order because you don't want your clothes weighing you down. I like this knee-length because they are a bit "swooshy". You put one on and it's like Shakira suddenly appears to serenade you about how the hips don't lie and it's time to boogie!
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