Collection: Steampunk

Ah Steampunk! That moment when goths discovered brown... Sparkling treasures with a Steampunk flare. 🤎

Okay, so I'm a little sparse here - more treasure is yet to be had, I'm working on it.. But what I lack in current steampunk goodies up for grabs for you here, I make up for on Pinterest. 😏  

If it's possible to make one of my unique needle-felted patchwork coats with more of a steampunk flare, rest assured it will happen.... just probably not with fleece. If you want to stay in the know when such a treasure might be up for grabs, follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I tend to announce new goodies in bundles. I rely exclusively on word-of-mouth and if you're one of my followers thanks so much for the social media love! Your likes/follows/shares/interactions mean the world to me. 🥰