Fashion by demand

😎Here's your chance to sort of be in charge. Tell me what you'd like to see next, and in what colors. 😎

If you're on this page, there's a little pop-up poll you can fill out to tell me what you'd like to see more of and in which colors. I know, it would be cooler if it the pop-up poll was embedded directly in the page. I'm not enough of a nerd to figure that out... YET... so it's that little pop-up you see at the lower left. I put it over here on this page so that it shouldn't bug you by popping up on every single page, but I still like to get feedback so it had to go somewhere. I used to post these on Facebook but they took away my poll functionality...grumble grumble.. it takes all of two seconds to fill out though, and if there's something you're hoping for you're much more likely to see it appear by filling out my poll. And for the peeps who got hooked on one item but found I didn't make it in their size - don't despair! Fill out the poll, remember to make a note about sizing and watch the magic happen. Really, a LOT of folks forget this and because my poll is anonymous, I have no way to reach out and ask... so don't forget the sizing, and if you want to be REALLY specific, DO IT. Don't be shy. It's anonymous. 😎

I should make a note here that the downside to my work is that between life, and how labor-intensive my work is, I'm sort of publishing my shame here in just how long it takes me to get to these, and I am SO sorry for that. I could conquer the world if I didn't need rest, or have to do yardwork, or domestic work, and all the other myriad things I do in addition to sewing. I do really make a genuine effort to eventually get to your requests though... and the fact that I'm a bit slow is a good thing because my work is more expensive due to materials and how much work it takes to make, so you've got time to save a bit so you're not poaching your bill-money to buy my art, and I get a living wage.. that's a win-win for both of us. πŸ₯° I am THE OPPOSITE of "fast fashion". I am slow, deliberate, carefully made fashion.😎

PS - I like Terry Pratchett too, but "Octarine" is NOT a color. Well, not one I have in my possession, anyway. πŸ˜‰

Update as of 10/24/2021:Β 

In an effort to make this easier for me to continually update, I'm working with The Google.Β I think I've gotten the bugs worked out and tested (note that sometimes there's a bit of a delay in Google updating my data so if there's a glaring error, bear with me I probably already noticed and fixed it, it just hasn't updated yet). You might have a scroll a little to see everything. On desktop you should see scroll bars, they're there. On mobile, you can just sort of touch and drag. I wish it was even more presentable, but I needed to make it less labor intensive to continually update your votes so you could see I AM paying attention to them!πŸ’–

I've also had some in-person requests that don't show up here, for more "manly" stuff, as well as some scarves... so that will happen! Watch this space. πŸ‘€

Also, TOTAL shout-out to this request that came in via email, this absolutely wins the award for best email subject line ever: "A sorcerer's apprentice hat for the weird guy who has the weapons".Β  Weird guy, don't worry, I got your back. It shall happen. πŸ‘ It was great to meet you at the Front Range Maker's Market this weekend. 😁πŸ₯³