Collection: My Best Work

A sampling of my best work. These are mostly sweatercoats and my patchwork denim skirts but there are some other goodies here too. Sold items will show up here so you can have a moment of agony that someone else got to it first, and then head on over to my poll and see if I can make something to console you. Often when I have enough material, I will make coats in "twins". However, no two items are ever completely alike. There are always subtle differences in details... so check carefully! 

I tend to mix my coats with fleece patterns and typically once a fleece pattern isn't available to me anymore that's it, it's gone. Maybe it's the oil-painting classes I took earlier in life but I have an eye for colors and how to put them together in ways that please the eye. I like to be able to showcase work that I've done and this is my place to do that. 😃

If you want to only look at what I have available, you can click on your category of interest below and my trusty internet minions will escort you there directly. (Don't worry, you won't accidentally buy something that's not available - if it's sold, the purchase buttons will be greyed out and it will say "sold out").

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