Return Policy

I am typically very pro-active about helping ensure you get the item of your dreams, so especially on high value items like coats or skirts, please do not be surprised if you receive an email from me prior to shipping your item out, touching base to see if you have any questions and to be sure you're getting the item that you really want. Returns are always a loss that I want to try to avoid.🙏

Please feel free to also read through my WTFact (Frequently Asked Questions) page as well - lots of helpful info there too.

I will generally go to great lengths to try to provide a good buying experience. That said, people who attempt to abuse my return policy may be banned under my Terms of Service... not at all to be "mean", but to enable me to maximize my time and attention on creating my art and on serving my best customers. 💖

General purpose behind these policies:

I am not a big business that can afford to offer gimmicks like "try before you buy" and free returns.😥 I would have to raise my prices quite a bit to be able to offer that and I don't want to punish the folks who are successful in picking the right item.

  • If the return is due to my error, I bear the costs of the return
  • If there was no error/mistake on my part, the buyer bears the costs of the return

    Short version:

    • Email me within 14 days of receipt to arrange a return (please do try to let me know sooner rather than later.)
      No phone calls - sorry, email only 📧:
    • You have 21 days total to get the item in the mail to be sent back to me, which includes the 14 days mentioned above (am I not generous? 😎)
    • Items must be unworn/unused/unwashed and undamaged.
      • No smoke smells/perfume/sweat smells/pet hair/pet urine.
      • Please do not ever iron sequins. If you use an iron on an item with sequinwork and the sequins are melted, I cannot issue a refund as the item is now damaged. 
    • Generally no exchanges -just returns/purchases 
    • No after-purchase price negotiation
    • I charge a 10% restocking fee unless there is a clear and glaring error on my part
      • My e-commerce payment gateway providers (i.e. Paypal, Shopify, etc) charge me fees to receive money from sales which I do not receive back, even if I issue a refund 😥  - this, along with the time/effort involved in a return, is the reason for the restocking fee on returns that aren't due to my error.
    • Buyer is responsible for return shipping unless return is due to my error
      • Refund issued when item is received back in unused/undamaged condition - not before. No exceptions. 
      • If items are sent back to me without insurance and are lost/damaged in transit, I cannot issue a refund for this. Please send items with insurance - that way you are covered if something happens. 
      • If I send you a prepaid label to obtain a better return shipping rate, I will deduct this cost from your refund for returns that are not due to my error. If I do this, I will also deduct the cost of insurance. 
    • The original shipping cost to send the item to you is not refunded.
    • I have no control over the processing times of payment providers (i.e. Paypal, credit card) for how fast they process your refund after I initiate it. 
      • If you have further questions/concerns regarding issues such as when and how your refund was applied back to your account, you'll need to reach out to your payment processor regarding those details. Your payment processor (i.e. your credit card, or Paypal, etc) will not give me any transaction information about your account, for obvious privacy reasons - you must be the one to contact them. 
      • If you used Paypal, their contact info is right HERE

    I'm generally pretty quick to send items out, but if you realize you bought the wrong item, please send me an email immediately so I can try to help you. 

    • If I haven't accepted your payment (payment processors call this "capturing" a payment), I should be able to cancel your order with no penalty.
    • If I have already taken your payment and/or sent your item out, my standard refund policy applies. 
    • If I cancel your order at my discretion for any reason, I absorb the fees my payment processors charge me on the original sale. 

      Longer version:
      Be aware that imperfections are part of the charm and uniqueness of hand-made items that aren't mass-produced in a sweatshop somewhere.😁 They are made with a lot of love and care. However, if something simply doesn't fit or isn't something you love, you do have the option of a return, less the shipping cost and a 10% restocking fee - unless I clearly made an obvious error. Other than trying on briefly for fit, clothing items and any items made with fabric/textiles MUST be returned UNWORN and UNWASHED. Coats must have the original paper hang-tag still attached (that serves as proof that it is unwashed). The "hang-tag" refers to the small business-card-like tag that has my logo and SKU# of the item. It is paper, so will be damaged if washed. Other items not specifically described here must be returned in unused condition. No smoke smells, no perfume, no sweat stains/smells, no pet hair/urine, no melted sequins (never ever iron sequinwork... if you do, they will melt and the item is now damaged and I cannot issue a refund on items damaged by the buyer).

      Buyer must email me at within 14 days of receipt or purchase of item to request a return so that we can arrange for it to be sent back to me with a tracking number - buyer is responsible for the cost and liability of return shipping. I can't give credit for items that are sent without a tracking number and get lost/damaged on the way back to me. And I adore you I really do, but I am not Zappo's - no procrastinating and sending me an email after the return period expires.😓 Items must be sent back to me within 21 days of purchase/receipt - this means the carrier you choose MUST show possession of the item in their system on/before Day 21. No emailing me and then holding onto the item past the 21 days - that's cheating. 🤨 So you get 14 days to decide, and another week to get it in transit. I'm only one person, and my generosity has to have limits in order to stay in business. I don't do "exchanges", it's just too much administrivia to keep track of  🤯 - everything is either a purchase or a refund, to each its own transaction. Refunds for returns will be issued when the item is actually received back in unused/undamaged condition, not before - that is part of "buyer is responsible for return shipping". Also, the cost of sending the item to you that you paid at the time of purchase is not included in your refund because shipping carriers did their job and have to be paid. 

      I highly recommend the use of a service like Pirate Ship to send items back to me as rates at retail counters for the USPS and UPS tend to be way higher when you pay at the counter. I am willing to help you with this if needed by sending you a label to print and use - just be aware if you ask me to send you a prepaid label though, I WILL deduct the cost of return shipping from your refund on ALL returns that are not due to my error.  

      Why I charge a restocking fee:
      My e-commerce provider and payment gateways (i.e. Shopify, Paypal, etc) charge me a fee to receive the funds from a purchase that you make. Even if I refund the original purchase, I do not get that fee refunded back to me.😥 This is why unless it is a clear and glaring error/mistake on my part, I charge a restocking fee to offset my losses. 

      Refund processing:
      I have no control over the processing times of payment processors  (i.e. Paypal, your credit card company, etc) for how fast they process your refund after I initiate it. I will generally do everything in my power to handle things within my control and on my end as quickly as possible. When I receive notification from the payment processor that the refund has been completed, I consider my obligation fulfilled at that point. I may be way easier to get in touch with than a big company, but payment processors will not give me information pertaining to your account for obvious privacy reasons. Exactly how/when the refund is applied back to your account, is entirely up to the payment processor you used and not anything that I have any control over or responsibility for. If you paid with a credit card, there's generally a customer service number on the back of your card.

      If you paid using Paypal, their contact info page is right HERE. Note that with Paypal, they have a lot of different ways to fund a purchase, which will impact how they apply your refund - I do not see or have access to any of that information at any point, so I have no way of knowing how they will apply your refund. That is strictly between you and Paypal and not something I get involved with at all. If you have any confusion about how/when your refund was applied, they are the only ones who can answer that question for you. I've provided a link to contact them as a courtesy, but I can not do it for you. You must be the one to reach out to them. 

      NO post-purchase haggling
      Also, while I will often go above and beyond to try to provide great service and I put lots of passion and effort into everything I make, I do not haggle over my prices post-purchase - no exceptions. The price variation in my coats is explained HERE and on my WTFact (aka Frequently Asked Questions) page as well. 

      If you're not sure about something, please feel welcome to just ask before your purchase. I'm only one person but I generally try to respond pretty quickly. And err on the side of caution. I'd rather have you wait for the right item and be happy, since returns take up everyone's time and there is always a loss involved. I try REALLY hard to be amazing but I am not Zappo's or Amazon, the "try before you buy" model just doesn't work for a one-person micro-business. I'd have to raise all my prices a LOT to cover all the administrivia involved in constant returns like that. OMG I promise you, it is okay to bug me if you're on the fence about something. 💖

      Examples of clear and glaring errors:

      • I clearly sent you the wrong item
      • The measurements essential to fit (bust, waist, sleeve length) do not match my description
        • Total bust measurement is off by more than ~4 inches
        • Total waist measurement is off by more than ~4 inches
        • Sleeve length is off by more than ~2 inches
      I try very hard to get measurements as accurate as possible but many of my garments are stretchy and difficult to measure precisely. Measurements are intended to help my buyers find the best fit, not to be used to avoid the cost of a return when the buyer changed their mind. 

        Not a clear and glaring error:

        • Color does not exactly match what you see on your monitor or mobile device
        • Hood length is off by a few inches (this is not essential to fit)
        • Hood on coat or hood-style hat is bigger or smaller than buyer thought (dimensions on these are difficult to measure precisely)
        • Sleeve circumference is too loose/too tight (I typically do not measure this but sometimes mention it in fit notes - if you have trouble with sleeve fit, please just email me before purchase and I'll get a measurement for you)
        • Neck to hem length on coats (some variation may happen, especially on pixie-hem coats)
        • Arm-warmers are too loose or too tight
        • Leg warmers are too loose or too tight
        • Coat contains wool in places that bother you
          • I try really, really hard to note which coats are 100% cashmere and which ones contain wool and I usually try to use wool in places that don't come into as much contact with the skin but on coats that contain wool, please assume that the wool will come into contact with your skin.
        • Sequin work or embroidery does not go all the way to the seam edge (often this is deliberately done to make putting pieces together easier and to avoid putting sequins thru the serger)
          • Buyer changed their mind about the purchase
          All of my items are hand-made, but I am not a precision quilter - while I am a bit neurotic about aesthetic appeal, please expect the occasional charming imperfection with these garments. 😇

              If by mistake, you are sent the wrong item (this has never happened, but just in case):

              • I will arrange to pay the costs to have the incorrect item sent back to me
              • I'll get the correct item sent out right away after I receive the incorrect one back
                • The reason for this delay is that my coats in particular are high-value items. Most people are honest, but I cannot afford the risk of someone trying to keep something that was not what they have purchased. Large retailers will often absorb the loss and let you keep incorrect items while they send out the correct one - I cannot afford to do that. I must have a way to ensure that the incorrect item gets back to me. Please be aware if you opt to keep the incorrect item, your right to a refund is voided.
              • I double and triple-check all my items while shipping so the chances of this are HIGHLY unlikely, but if this were to happen, this is how it would be handled. Full disclosure. 💖


              Note: Please be aware that this policy does NOT apply to my occasional eBay or Poshmark listings, which are my personal items that I sometimes sell. So if you bought something out of my closet on eBay or Poshmark, it is NOT returnable here.