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I've had folks outside the USA interested in my coats, so here is some info about that.. 

Shorter version:
I WILL sell and ship outside the USA. The shipping is a lot, as are the VAT taxes that your country's customs will likely charge you.😱😭 I had some folks inquiring, and having worked a job for a lawyer before and seen how quickly things go wrong, I needed some time to research and ensure that I have made a worthy effort to comply with international law. (My return policy, to the best of my knowledge/ability, is written to comply with European laws.) I love you Europe, I changed my return policy just for you.💖

The cheapest way to get this overseas is the good old United States Postal Service. It's been around since the 1700's, and unless you opt otherwise, they are likely the service I'll use to get this to you. 

I will not lie on or falsify customs forms. I know this is a bummer for much of Europe, but my business records MUST match the amount of the sale. You have my utmost sympathy, but you will likely have to pay the VAT fee to get your item out of customs. I am not a large enough business to be registered with your country to collect VAT or collect import taxes and submit on your behalf, so just remember this is something you will likely have to pay your local country's customs/taxes/import office to be able to receive your item. 

I still have work to do...
I still have some changes I need to make to make my website more internationally-friendly (are you able to see prices in your local currency?), bear with me, I will get there. 

If you have an American friend to purchase on your behalf and ship to you... 
I have had one person mention to me that they and their American friend buy on each others' behalf and then send the items to each other. If you want to do this, I have no complaints 🤐, as long as all my business records match... so if you choose to do this, just understand your risk. My obligation is to safely send the item to the customer-of-record...  keep in mind, the US postal service will not want to deliver something in your name to someone else's address here in the USA, they are quite decent at keeping records of who lives where... so do NOT purchase something in your name and ask me to ship it to someone else's address here in the USA but in your name. Please no. 😭 This will not end well. And the last thing I want is to get an email from someone who sent $800 to some random person in the USA and that person kept their money, or kept the coat. Please be a careful buyer. I am by NO means suggesting you do this. I will not object if you do - but again, I just want to advise caution, and to let you know that if you go this route, your American friend is my legal customer as far as I'm concerned. So if you want to do this, the purchase must be in their name, their payment, mailed to their address. No exceptions.

Longer, more rambling version:
All of my sweatercoats that I ship out are generally sent inside a vacuum-sealed bag, where I have pulled out all the air. It squishes the coat (don't worry they fluff back out pretty quickly), and also makes the parcel lighter, as well as protects it in the event of spills in the carrier's facilities. Yes, I buy things over the internet sometimes too, and I have gotten things which have had spills on them. The vacuum bags cost me roughly $2.00/bag, and the boxes roughly $2.00/box, but having put SO much effort into these coats, we'd both be heartbroken if they were damaged or lost in transit.... so in the thick vacuum bag they go, and I use a lot of tape to seal up the box. My apologies to the environment for all the packaging (I try really really really hard to be environmentally conscious) but I want you to get your item safely.


The boxes I typically send these in are 16" x 12" x 6". (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 15.24 cm in metric system.) Most of my sweatercoats once packed are going to weigh roughly 4-5 pounds (8.8-11 kilograms). They ship from Colorado, USA, postal code 80905. 

Here are some recent shipping rates/times estimates using the above dimensions and approximate weight. All rates are in my currency, US dollars. 

MUCH love and appreciation to the folks at Pirate Ship for their wonderful and easy way to get approximate rates. Again, these are based on a 4-5 pound (8.8-11 kilogram) parcel.

(USPS = United States Postal Service)

To the UK:

USPS Priority Mail International  $    73.72 6 - 10 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited  $    69.89 2 - 5 business days
USPS Priority Mail Express International  $    85.98 3 - 5 days
UPS Worldwide Saver  $    83.36 3 business days

To France:

USPS Priority Mail International  $    61.99 6 - 10 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited  $    69.89 2 - 5 business days
USPS Priority Mail Express International  $    79.43 3 - 5 days
UPS Worldwide Saver  $    83.36 3 business days

To Canada:

UPS Standard  $    28.16 ~ 7 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited  $    48.64 3 days
USPS Priority Mail International  $    52.39 6 - 10 days
UPS Worldwide Saver  $    56.74 3 business days
USPS Priority Mail Express International  $    66.78 3 - 5 days


Bear in mind that this does not cover the cost of any customs/import duties/taxes that your home country may require you to pay. More on that here. It seems this system is in place to encourage you to find items locally, rather than using the resources required to ship them to you from overseas. It may be that the Taxation and Customs Union did not consider very specialized, very unique items like these coats when implementing measures to encourage you to buy local. However, I respect and understand the European Union's desire to encourage you to buy local-to-you.

VAT is a big chunk of money for you as well.😲

France 20%
Germany 19%
Ireland 23%
Netherlands 21%
Spain 21%
UK 20%


 👆 Canada, I love you, you are not forgotten, but this is just Europe's headache. 😮

So to all my friends/fans overseas, I WILL sell to you if you are willing to endure the torture that is VAT taxes and overseas shipping. You should be able to snag any of my items, but just be aware you're going to owe VAT on it and I can't control that. I CAN control the shipping cost, so if it looks looks crazy and you're not sure.. just stop and email me and we will figure it out. Also, please be VERY careful with your address... I am by no means an expert on the formats of your country's postal systems, so please triple-check it and make sure it's formatted correctly.  Again, if you get stuck, just stop and email me. Indeed, because I know how much more these cost to send overseas, I am very comfortable with a lot of dialogue between us before you take the plunge and grab yourself a treasure.  

Did I forget you, Australia? Blasphemy! Bear with me, I'll see if I can get you some estimated rates up front but I am only one person so you may have to bear with me a bit. Again - my website WILL sell to you, you can purchase, I just want to find time to provide you with more info up front so you know what you are in for. I need to make some changes so it'll show you prices in your local currency too. Again, just bear with me... I am better at sewing than I am at websites. 😉

I will also say this though... my husband insists that my goddess size coats should fit some of the spiders native to Australia. 🤣

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