On summer hiatus due to medical emergency 🙁

Sad seamstress was sick in the hospital.... 😔


What should have been a "routine" surgery in May, left me with a life-threatening complication several days later and I was hospitalized for a bit and have been suffering ever since, while waiting for another procedure.😥 I'm not out of the woods yet and each day is a daily struggle, so I probably won't release anything new this summer. I have to put my health first. 

I'm actually going to ask people not to buy anything this summer unless it's something you are really really hooked on and absolutely must have - in which case, please reach out to me via email first: persephone@persephonelove.com. As much as sales are a blessing when I'm facing huge hospital bills, I don't want to promise you the fast shipping I'm known for and then not be able to follow through on that. It's difficult to get items sent out without the help of my dear husband right now, who is already carrying a big burden taking care of me while holding down his job. There are just a lot of unknowns right now and numerous doctor visits, so I am focused on my health for a bit. Besides, it seems like we are all roasty-toasty dealing with horrible heat waves all over, so let's just get through this summer in one piece.🥵🙏

This has been a horrible setback and if you are one of my followers on FacebookInstagram or PinterestI really appreciate you! Thanks for sticking by me. 🥰🤗

Here I am after ~4 days of no sleep, no shower, but feeling grateful to be going home from the hospital and grateful for the outpouring of support. Thank you so so very, very much! 💖

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