Collection: Magic Wizardy Elf Hats

Machine-felted hats and hoods made from upcycled sweaters and fleece. The felting process involves the use of "Mr. Stabby" and "Sir Lances-A-Lot", my 12-needle machines. These machines have a cluster of 12, spiky nasty needles (it looks like a torture device) that stabs the fabric at super high speeds. The spikes on the needles "mesh" the fibers together, making them more compacted, more soft and flexible, and warmer. Needle-felting creates a completely different finished work than non-felted goodies. There's a blog post about this here.

I've updated the filters to make it easier sort thru the pile to find hoods versus beanie-style hats versus hats with ear-flaps. If you don't see what you're looking for, head on over to my poll (hint: aka "Fashion By Demand") and vote for more and they will magically appear! 

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