I always hated the word "blog"

I always hated the word "blog". I don't know why. Ever had a word that just bugs you? Yeah this was it. However, I've come across so many blogs on the internet that gave me some new tidbit of wisdom, or some other random interesting thing. So I'd rather not call these "blog posts". I'll go with "interesting tidbits". 

Ever look at your clothes and wonder who made them? Many of us don't. I can't look at a T-shirt and say "Oh this was made by Madeline." We are many degrees separated from our food, our clothing, and our commodities. I hope that changes and we take a more careful and holistic approach to consumption. Ever noticed how T-shirts become thinner and thinner? Less material goes into the shirt, lowering the cost for the producer but chances are that new shirt will have a hole in it after just a few wears, so you either toss it, or donate it to your local thrift store. We buy five times more clothing that we did in 1980, and on average things might be worn seven times before they get tossed. (Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-high-price-of-fast-fashion-11567096637)

We throw millions of tons of cheap, mass-produced textiles into the landfills every year. This is my peaceful protest. There IS a better way. 

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  • Your peaceful protest – what is it? Are your products made from secondhand clothes? They’re so beautiful, i can’t wait to have my own, but you might need my wrist measurements. I might have outgrown the one size that fits all :)

    Finn Thye

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