Psst.... did you notice the little icon at the right side of the page? This little guy:

If you click on that and register, I'm setting up a program to reward folks for purchases, referrals and social shares/engagement. Thus far, I have successfully avoided paying into Google/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter gigantic advertising coffers. Frankly, I would rather reward YOU instead. So if you are out there sharing my work on social media or have purchased from me before, please consider signing up so that I can reward you for it with discounts and stuff.

~Yay stuff!~
I rely heavily on your referrals and word-of-mouth advertising, and I truly appreciate your support and engagement. You do have to register for a customer account so that my little minion app can award your points. (I use "Gratisfaction"). The downside of this is that the app has to be able to see your stuff to award the points automagically (otherwise I have to do it manually). Please know that your privacy matters to me and I guard it carefully. The app has to have some way however, to know whether or not to give points to you. If this gives you the heebie-jeebies, you can always email me a screenshot and I'll just award you points manually. Yeah, it's a lot more work, so I'd really prefer you go with the app so that I can spend that time making stuff. Again though, your comfort's important to me, and you're worth it.  

One of my personal frustrations with typical rewards programs is that they lure you in with no description of what you actually GET. I'll have to update this whenever I make changes, but I want you to know up front what the rewards are (and I want to hear your feedback too!) and how they're earned. This isn't a guaranteed all-inclusive list but here's what I have set up so far:

500 points $5.00 off coupon
1000 points $10.00 coupon
1500 points $15.00 off coupon
2000 points $20.00 off coupon


Here's how I'm awarding points at the moment:

 200 points refer a friend to me - they get 200 points too
100 points share my website on Facebook
100 points share my website on Twitter


Oh, I can do better than that... here... let's add some more referral stuff:

 Invite a friend $5.00 off for you, $5.00 off for them too
Your friend makes a purchase

$5.00 off for you, $5.00 off for them too

*Plus you get 200 points



Do you follow me on social media? Yeah, we should have rewards for that too. I'll include Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. My sewing treasures are more active there. These platforms have changed their rules so I can't have Gratisfaction automatically award you anything, so I'll do it manually. I don't want folks liking/unliking or follow/unfollowing to game the system though, that's annoying... so I'll limit you to one time, but let's make it worth a bit more.  If you create a customer account I'll try to pick through my followers and do this automatically but if I don't catch you, help me out and send me a quick note. Here, have some points... 

Facebook page likers: 500 points
Instagram followers: 500 points
Pinterest followers: 500 points


The Gratisfaction app that I use has a bazillion settings so if you want to go nuts and test it out and you find a bug or something I overlooked, I reserve the happy right to manually award you a boatload of points for helping me work out the bugs. As always, I would ... SEW (pun intended) much rather be in my studio making lovely things than struggling with technology. All I ask is please don't be too spammy and irritate anybody, and please don't abuse the program (sharing my website every day for a year to get a free coat is abusing the program) ;-). The points can't ever exceed the cost of the item. I can't be paying you cash, but truly I will do my best to make your support worthwhile. They also shouldn't expire, so if you're out there sharing my stuff and it takes a year for your perfect dream treasure to show up in my store, awesome. 

IF... my rewards program gets so absolutely crazy that I'm spending all day at the computer and zero time in the studio, I reserve the right to cancel it. That's a last resort though, so if it gets obnoxious.. a modification is more likely, and I'll put out an announcement. I would like it to get slightly crazy though, and would love to have you onboard.