Oh woman where art thou

So if you've looked at my site or Facebook or Instagram and wondered why there's been no new stuff for so long (boooo! 👎 ) and whether I'm still alive (aw thanks for caring!🥰), the short answer is... because grad school is kicking my poor old patookus at the moment. 🥵

Having ADHD, I slipped thru the cracks in the school system in the 90's, fell into the Moat of Despair and went many years without a college degree.😥 I wanted to set an example for my kiddos and all my other loved ones that higher education with ADHD is indeed possible and that it's never too late to learn.... but oh man, it is tough and tends to take up most of my time/energy, so I haven't gotten much studio time in the last 6+ months because of that. 😭 The Battle of the Thesis is at hand, and I must set my sewing mostly aside for a bit longer while I conquer this beast for the good of the realm. I shall either conquer the evil Thesis, or die on my noble academic sword come late November. Rest assured, whether House Persephone is celebrating a victory or mourning a defeat.. the sewing dungeon will be alive with the sounds of work once again after the ⚔ Battle of the Thesis ⚔  is over!! 🤩🥳

Thanks for bearing with me while I wage war on the previously-locked Castle of Academia, and hopefully come November's end, the nobility of the University of Denver will see fit to crown me a Master of HR. 

Oh whoops, that's a Burger King crown. Oh well, it's the Halloween edition which I have had for years and I love it, so don't mind me. 😜

Wish me luck and come visit again in early December for previews of good things yet to come. 😁

⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ ⚔ 

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