Collection: Magic Wizardy Elf Hats

Felted hats and hoods made from upcycled sweaters and fleece. *Sometimes* I use acrylic for colors that are harder to find in the wool/cashmere but the natural fibers are so so so much better. I mix the fleece in for added visual pizzazz, and occasionally solid color fleece inside the hat to provide an uber-soft backing. This is a super cool way to use up as much of the material as possible. Depending on the thickness of the original materials used, some hats end up more "floppy", and some actually stand up. Whether you want a stand-up wizardy hat, or a more floppy one I try to model these on people so you can see how it'll behave on top of your glorious noggin.

The felting process involves the use of "Mr. Stabby" and "Sir Lances-A-Lot", my 12-needle machines. These machines have a cluster of 12, spiky nasty needles (it looks like a torture device) that stabs the fabric at super high speeds. The spikes on the needles "mesh" the fibers together, making them more compacted, more soft and flexible, and more warm. Needle-felting creates a much different finished work than non-felted or wet-felted items. There's a blog post about this here.

I can actually create fabric out of old yarn too. Some of the hats have a squiggly design which is really fun to make. If you don't see what you're looking for, head on over to my poll (hint: aka "Fashion By Demand") and vote for more and they will magically appear!

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(Spoiler alert - about ~20 more hats will be up for grabs as soon as I can get photos - date TBD.)