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Pink Magenta ombre patchwork denim upcycled twirly spiral skirt with embroidery-2003

Pink Magenta ombre patchwork denim upcycled twirly spiral skirt with embroidery-2003

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This is really some of my very best and most original work. Sometimes you can find upcycled denim patchwork skirts on places like Etsy, but I've never seen any like mine - made with colored denim and absolutely loaded with metallic thread embroidery, lace and sequins painstakingly sewn on by hand with invisible thread. The photos don't do them justice. I scour thrift shops for hours to find just the right denim that's lightweight and stretchy, so these aren't too heavy. Can you believe these are actually made from old denim pants? Yep! I alter the pattern slightly for each skirt based on the size of the pants I can find (large sizes yield more material) so each one is a completely unique piece of art-to-wear. All of these are serged on the inside seams for durability but fringed on the outside for a really unique flair. The spiral pattern skirts typically have 30-36 pieces, so that is a LOT of seams and putting together. These take hours upon hours to make, which is why I ask the price that I do. Each one is truly one of a kind, and you'll never see someone else wearing the same skirt. Most of these are designed in a way that they sit around the hips. The smaller your waist, the lower the skirt sits. I have drawstrings inserted into some of them so that you can cinch them tighter if needed.

Specifics for this skirt: 

Waist: Elastic; very stretchy up to ~39" max; no drawstring
Length: ~28 inches
Decoration: metallic embroidery with sequins
Bottom: Lace with scallop hem

If you're not sure about the fit, let's chat! Send me an email and I am happy to consult. If you're local to the Colorado Springs area, I can arrange for you to try it on in person to check for fit. Me, my studio and my email are all here to help. For comparison, I had to model this one myself, and was able to scoot this over my middle-aged lady belly and saddlebags. I'm 150 pounds with fantastic ~34" belly rolls and a saggy ole' patookus, so it'll look even better on you! 

I don't typically do "commissions", but if you're really in love and the fit's not right, you can always send me a request with your size and favorite color. Indeed, I often post polls on my Facebook page with what I should make next. It's fashion design by demand! Join me on Facebook and be part of my "design voters":

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Care Instructions

  • I strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hang dry, or dry-clean.
  • Never iron sequins or fleece.
  • If you do machine-wash something, try to use a machine that does not have an agitator and put it in a lingerie bag to protect it.
  • ALWAYS use cold water.
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