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Brown antique gold metallic embroidered steampunk gear upcycled denim bracelet-1150

Brown antique gold metallic embroidered steampunk gear upcycled denim bracelet-1150

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Length: Approximately 7.5 inches (there's an 8 inch one lurking around here if you need a larger size!) Width: Approximately 1.75 inches

Who ever knew old denim could look this good? This is an upcycled hand-made bracelet made from reclaimed brown denim waistband material which I scour local thrift shops to find. It's been painstakingly embroidered in dark antique gold metallic embroidery, all around the edge of the bracelet, as well as all throughout, using a special needle and lots of care. Dark antique gold steampunk-type gears were then painstakingly attached using invisible thread (which is a real pain, but produces much better looking items!). The invisible thread is also stronger than cotton/poly thread as well, for durability. It fastens easily with two bronze snaps. These take about two hours to make, to be done right.  Lightweight, durable, comfortable and unique. A good alternative for those sensitive to metal. And it's STEAMPUNK! A win all around!

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