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Katwise-inspired red 100% felted cashmere leg warmers-1472

Katwise-inspired red 100% felted cashmere leg warmers-1472

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Part of my handmade felted wool/cashmere/fleece line - but LEG WARMERS! The machine felting process makes this softer and warmer (and takes a lot longer to make, which accounts for the cost you see).

This pair is 100% luxurious felted cashmere. 

Closure: fully closed - does not open
Top circumference: ~15-16 inches
Length: ~16 inches
bottom circumference: ~12 inches

Model notes: widest part of calf = ~approx 15 inches
I modeled these and I have, um... two different sized legs.😜 I had ankle surgery and lost a lot of muscle on my right leg from being non-weight bearing for about 3 months (I call it my peg-leg... yarr!) so the measurement is from my left leg. Note that most calves have a wide part and then are a bit more slender up by the knee. There's no way to *perfectly* measure these but suffice that all of my cashmere leg-warmers do have some stretch. If you're not sure, just email me. 

Fit notes:
These are smaller than my other red holiday leg-warmers so you're gonna want to either wear these on tights, or "skinny jeans" or be bold and wear 'em over bare legs. But they are SMALLER and a lot more snug than my other ones. If you fell in love with the cute little dangles but these might be too small - you can always go to Fashion By Demand and request a pair in a better size for you! 

These are some of the most elaborate pair of leg-warmers I've made to-date. I was experimenting with "dangles" and wanted to see what tucking those into the seams would look like on these. I made some arm-warmers in this color palette also with dangles (but no bells) so check those out too! 

Not it? If you've looked through everything and aren't seeing your dream treasure, head on over to Fashion By Demand and put in a request... I don't do *exact* custom work, but it is a super cool option you should definitely go check out. 😎

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Care Instructions

I strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hang dry, or dry-clean. Never iron sequins or fleece.

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