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Black silver gear steampunk biker industrial upcycled denim bracelet-1146

Black silver gear steampunk biker industrial upcycled denim bracelet-1146

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Length: about 8 inches Width: about 1.75 inches

Is it gothic? Is it steampunk? Is it industrial? I think this one is all of the above... reminds me of punk/biker style as well. This sleek black and silver gothic-looking bracelet is made from the waistband of denim jeans. Dark silver embroidery graces the outer edge. Silver steampunk gears have been attached all around using invisible thread and the bracelet fastens with two large snaps. This is one of my larger bracelets, which will fit a small to medium build man nicely, or will be loose on a woman, depending on your wrist/arm size. It is truly a labor of love. From cutting up the denim, to embroidery, to hand sewing (invisible thread is a pain to sew with but yields better looking items!), to photograph and listing, this takes about two hours to make.  These are NOT adjustable - need a different size? Check my other items as I tend to vary the sizes and designs, so each bracelet is slightly different and no two are alike. 

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