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Cashmere / Cashmere felted sample

Cashmere / Cashmere felted sample

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A randomly-selected needle-felted 100% cashmere sample. You can request a specific color, but this will generally come from a recent project. The main purpose of this item is so that you can feel a sample of cashmere that's been machine-needle-felted. This will generally ship in a 6 x 9 Tyvek envelope, hermitically sealed inside a small plastic ziplock bag. The sample itself probably won't be 6" x 9" in size, but it will be big enough to get a feel for how it feels. (That sounds redundant, I know.) If you still have doubts about whether it's worth the investment of a felted coat, this is a good place to start. You can also get a wool/cashmere sample sent in the same little parcel so you can compare. Indeed if you get one, it's probably worth it to get the other.

These are priced mostly to cover the cost of mailing materials and a trip to the post office to get them on their way to you. 

Limited to 4 samples max per person, per order.

Shipping & Returns

USA domestic shipping on coats is usually around $8-$20. For all other items, the cart calculates shipping based on what you buy and where you are located. Read more about shipping HERE.

Care Instructions

I strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hang dry, or dry-clean. Never iron sequins or fleece.

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