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Steampunk glass cabochon necklace earring bracelet set-1227

Steampunk glass cabochon necklace earring bracelet set-1227

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Oh steampunk lovers, this is just for you. There is ALWAYS time for steampunk and I've got you covered. This is my complete set that includes a necklace and earrings as well as two painstakingly made bracelets made from old reclaimed denim jeans. Who ever knew that denim could look THIS cool? The bracelets have metallic bronze embroidery all over them. After embroidering them, I then sewed on the cabochon settings with invisible thread - that's right - SEWN on. Lastly, the cabochons are set. This set of cabochons features "old time" photos of spoons, tea cups, phonograph players, old typewriters, microscopes and birdcages. Each set is ever so slightly different, so check out the entire collection. Some bracelets have lace, and some are without. 20 mm pendants made from lead-free, nickel-free and cadium-free metal alloy hang on imitation leather cord for all my vegans out there, and the earrings have matching 12 cabochons. These are my favorite because they include the entire set. All of the pieces take many hours to make, especially the bracelets, so they are priced higher than my simpler sets. I only have about ~6 sets with the bracelets so once these are gone, they're gone. I may or may not make more. Steampunk is so much fun.

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