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"Castor" Blue needle-felted wool/cashmere patchwork Katwise-inspired sweatercoat-2521

"Castor" Blue needle-felted wool/cashmere patchwork Katwise-inspired sweatercoat-2521

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Felted patchwork Katwise inspired recycled sweatercoats - vastly different from others you might have seen. These are painstakingly machine-needle-felted for way better durability, warmth and better fit. The felting creates a completely different garment and also provides enough structure for machine embroidery and sparkling sequin work (most coats have this). Most contain buttery-soft, luxurious recycled cashmere. Some are 100% cashmere. Mixed with fleece for visual flare. This one DOES have wool - it's also one of my older, less fancy coats, so you get a bit of a price break. More about that HERE. 

This coat has a name: "Castor"

Before you get too excited, please check the measurements below. Here are the very rough measurements, and I take a lot of these to try to help. 

Shoulder to shoulder: ~15 INCHES

Underarm to underarm: ~44 INCHES

Hood length: ~47 INCHES

Sleeve length: ~ 27 INCHES 

Neck to hem: ~53"

Waist when fastened: ~37"

Closure: Zipper, with belt ties

Other notes: This one has a double-felted cashmere bodice so it is heavier and warmer. Literally two 2-ply cashmere sweaters were felted together to make the bodice. It is also absolutely loaded with sequins, all painstakingly sewn on with invisible thread. Like "I went nuts"-level sequins. They are all over the hood, sleeves and on the felted shape attached to the belt ties. They absolutely sparkle in the sunlight. 

Psst... read up more about the fit and measurements of my coats HERE.

Model measurements for comparison:
Height: 5' 3"
Bust: ~34"
Waist: ~34"
Weight: ~149 pounds

If a coat is just over the top, I've got some lower-hanging fruit for you - check out my¬†arm warmer,¬†leg-warmer¬†or¬†hat¬†listings as I often make these from material left over from the coats. You can put together a pair of arm-warmers, leg-warmers and a hat for a little less than a coat, but still have a SUPER cute ensemble! I don't always have a complete set, but it's worth a look. ūüėä

They're not designed to be worn in a blizzard in heavy snow, but these do keep a person warm - much more so than non-felted coats. It's like wearing a warm HUG. If you're looking at other coats and just need a frame of reference for comparison before you decide, you can order a cheapie needle-felted sample HERE.

Not really what you're looking for? Wrong size? Head on over to Fashion by Demand - my perpetual online election is 24/7, 365 days a year. Vote for what you want to see, and watch it come into existence. I generally announce new goodies and post previews on Facebook and Instagram so follow me there and watch as you get to have a bit of a say in what I make. It's as close as I get to custom work, you don't have to commit, and you can pounce when your perfect treasure shows up.

Shipping & Returns

USA domestic shipping on coats is usually never more than $20 (the coats weigh about 4-6 pounds). For all other items, the cart calculates shipping based on what you buy and where you are located. I use the USPS for USA customers and DHL for international. Read more about shipping HERE.

My return policy is HERE.

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Care Instructions

  • I strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hang dry, or dry-clean.
  • Never iron sequins or fleece.
  • If you do machine-wash something, try to use a machine that does not have an agitator and put it in a lingerie bag to protect it.
  • ALWAYS use cold water.
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