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Katwise inspired peach rose silly-string recycled patchwork sweater pixie elf wizardy hat-1393

Katwise inspired peach rose silly-string recycled patchwork sweater pixie elf wizardy hat-1393

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Part of my handmade felted 100% cashmere/fleece hat line. The machine needle-felting process makes this much softer and warmer than anything non-felted (and takes a LOT longer to make, which accounts for the cost).  Stretchy material fits most but do take a look at the rough measurements below.   

The felted hats also hold their shape more than non-felted ones, adding to that sort of awesome forest elf look. With this particular hat, I took yarn and felted it into the material, creating a super-cool silly-string spiral look on each of the sections. The lowest section is super baby-soft angora/cashmere for maximum comfort. 

Rough hat measurements:
Circumference: ~22 inches
Length from brim to tail: ~18 inches


Material: Fleece, cashmere and yarn

ARM WARMERS/LEG WARMERS SOLD SEPARATELY. Check my arm warmer listings for a set of arm warmers and/or leg warmers with similar colors (I tend to make these in bundles). If the coats are a bit much for you, you can put together a hat/hood with arm warmers and/or leg warmers and it does look super cute. 

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Care Instructions

I strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water and hang dry, or dry-clean. Never iron sequins or fleece.

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